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Your body is not an online express order.

Your body is not an online express order, it isn’t going to show up in a couple days.

If you have body based health, strength or flexibility goals, you also need to have patience. It is going to take time and the best thing that you can do for yourself is to show up consistently for yourself and find that balance of giving yourself grace and holding yourself accountable.

First let’s look at your goals, are they realistic and sustainable? It is going to be much more sustainable to make small changes that you can consistently stick with. So, if you never worked out before, start by adding in 3 x 30 mins workouts a week with a rest day in between each. Next add a 30 mins walk on the 2 rest days, then take your workouts up to 45 mins etc. Keep doing this over time and adding in something more each month until you have something that feels good and is sustainable.

The same goes for food, add more of what you want and the things that you aren’t about anymore, will fall away. By making small and sustainable changes in your life, it feels easier and you feel more confident and successful as you start achieving your goals with more ease.

I read a book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and she talks about exactly this process of slowly adding more of what you want in your life, instead of trying to do it all at once. If you make smaller and slower changes, you are much more likely to maintain them and consistency is the key to success.

So, your body is not an online express order, it isn’t going to show up in a couple of days. Start small and be prepared to be consistent. It will come and if you make sustainable changes, it will stay and this might be the biggest thing for some of us. Getting the body can be easier than keeping it can be.

Adding Matcha into your daily routine can help, of course. It helps your body burn more calories, it is a natural detoxifier and it will give you energy to sustain you through your days. What is not to love, it is a great drink to add to your health tool belt.

Holding yourself accountable is important but also remember to give yourself grace, if you eat something that isn’t in your diet or you skip a workout, it is ok. You will be ok and you haven’t ruined anything. If you beat yourself up, you aren’t fixing anything, just let it be and move on. Enjoy the food you ate, enjoy the surprise rest day, it is ok babe.

Remember small sustainable changes that you can add onto over time, consistency and Matcha. The body of your dreams will show up and stay this way. And balance holding yourself accountable with giving yourself grace. You are doing so great babe.


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