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Be the woman that does things differently

What do you crave out of life?

The same life that everyone else has already ordered?

Or do you want something different?

Do you want to be the woman that does things differently? Do you want to do things your way?

I know that I do. I desire to be a woman that does life the way that feels good for me, not because it makes other people feel safe.

You get a choice in every moment in your life and you can choose the life that is truly calling to you or you can follow the path that has been nicely set out for you. It could be easier but it might not be fulfilling and if it isn’t going to fill you up, then is it really easier?

Sometimes I have a hard time explaining what I am doing to people but I feel in my soul that I am in the right path and that feels amazing!

There are plenty of people close to you that want to know all of your how’s and will get out a calculator and try to figure out how you think this is going to work, they will challenge you because they don’t feel what you feel and they need to see the path fully lit up before they will walk down it.

And that is ok. It is ok that they crave safety, while you crave adventure but don’t let their misunderstanding, sway you form your life, your dream and your happiness. They just want safety for you too but you want to live a big full life that lights you up every day. A life that you will talk about to your grandkids about, a life full of happiness.

One million cups of coffee are ordered from your local coffee shop every. single. day.

Be the woman who gives her barista something to think about... Order Matcha. your own! After all, most of us have perfected our at home barista skills in #2020.

Am I right?

Go live your big, full, adventurous, happy life babe. I know that you can do it.

Big Love,


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