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Do you make time for fun?

Hey there beautiful.

I see you over there crushing it! Working on your goals for 2021, doing your workouts, meditating, eating healthier showing up for yourself. You are doing great and I am here cheering you on.

We are so conditioned to be doing ALL of the time. I am a doer, I love to do, I do do do dooooo until I am totally exhausted. Life is about balance, in every aspect. So, while we are doing, and crushing through our 2021 goals, let’s also be. Let’s just be, and go have fun for no reason other than it is good for our souls.

I know that it feels like you don’t have the time but you do, trust me. You can find 5 minutes in your day to have a dance party. I mean most songs are under 5 mins long. I have a $10 speaker in my shower and I have a dance party in the shower every day. So, if I find it hard to find more time to have fun, I know that I got a slice of fun in the shower. This sets me up for my day, full of life, fun and I am ready to get sh*t done.

I hope that you have made some time for fun this week. Joy, Play, Fun, Dancing. So, as you are focused and crushing it with your big goals, make some time in your schedule to have a mid-afternoon dance party, go for a walk outside, catch up with a friend for matcha lattes or something else totally for fun! It doesn’t need to take up most of your day, a little fun will make a huge difference to your mood and then subsequently everything else.

  • Mid-afternoon dance party
  • 30 min or 15 min catch up with a friend
  • Walk outside
  • Take a 5 minute bath
  • Watch some comedy
  • Sing in the shower
  • Have a photo shoot with your kiddos
  • Add some curly straws to your drink
  • Treat yourself to a scented candle or a face scrub
  • Take the scenic route
  • Try a new food
  • Take an online class


The universe loves it when you enjoy your life, trust me. Go get a Matcha and have a dance party with me this afternoon.

What are you doing for fun this week? Drop it in the comments, I would love to know.

Big Fun Love

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