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Mmmm, did you feel that?  You are so loved.  You are so loved. This is often truer than we realise. We are loved by our family, friends, partners, pets but are we loved by ourselves?

This is a pretty big question and something that honestly gets wrapped up and tossed out with healthy boundaries, self-care (the real stuff not bubble baths and wine), true introspection and anything else that we just don't have time for. 

Do you love yourself? Like actually, fully and radically? You are so loved by so many people around you and yet you often don’t see it because your mind/heart is so clouded by that lack of self-love that you have.

And it is often sneaky, you think that you love yourself, but do you? I always thought that I loved myself but, really did I? I was critical of how I looked, how I sometimes reacted to things and often things that I did weren't really good enough.  Is that self-love?

No, the answer is no!

Read that again…I’ll wait….

You can’t love yourself if you are critical of half of the things that you do or say, or how you look, or what you have achieved.

Give yourself some grace and start celebrating yourself when you do well, when you go to the gym, when you make time for your mental health, when you have a hard conversation. The more you celebrate yourself then more you will like yourself and then love yourself.

You are perfect and those seemingly imperfect moments, well they are just there for you to learn to love yourself more. I am telling you. It all starts with self-love. The more you love yourself, the more you are lit up in life and the more you are lit up in life, the more happiness you draw into your own life and the more happiness you create for yourself, the fuller your life is.

You are the co-creator of your life and if you love yourself then you believe that you deserve all of the happiness, love and abundance that you can possibly imagine, and you do, you truly do.

So look at yourself in the mirror today and give yourself a compliment, take a moment to think about how you want to respond to that thing that got you fired up, celebrate the great things that you did today or this week and if you don’t “nail it” then give yourself some grace babe, you get to choose again in this moment or tomorrow and that is more than ok.

You ARE so loved by all of the people around you, so do yourself a favour and love yourself too.


I matcha love you. Go do something today that your future self will love you for.


Big love



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