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Such a small set of words but babe do they ever have a big meaning. 


Choose to use your voice instead of letting the world, create a life, opinions and choices for you with it's echo.  If you don't make choices pure to you, then someone else is doing it for you.

It could be your mother, your family, your friends, your idea of what society wants, your partner or the girls from high school that made you feel like you weren’t cool enough.   Most of these people have the best intentions but they aren’t you and that means they don’t get to decide what you say, how you think, what you wear, how you mother, what kind of exercise you do and if they do, well then your life isn’t yours.  It’s an echo of someone else’s.


Why does it feel like a luxury to choose yourself, to make your own choices and to own your life? It should just be a given, but we often have to take back our own energy and reclaim our lives.


What do you love?


What do you like to eat?


How do you like to move your body?


What kind of partner do you want to be?


What kind of mother do you want to show up as?


Who are you?


What makes you feel the feels?


What makes you recoil?


Where do you wish there was more in your life?


Where do you wish that there was less?


Do you do things because you should?


Be intentional about every step you take, every word that you use, every person in your life, every habit that you have because every choice you don't isn't your choice and your life should be nothing if not a collection of all of YOUR choices.


All the people in your life, all the habits that you have and all of the actions that you take shape your life.  Is it shaping up to be the life that you desire babe?  If it isn’t you get to change that, so do it.  Go make the choice to have the life that makes you happy. 


Big Love Babe.




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  • Love this post! Such great advice. I need to ask myself these questions more. ❤️🙏🏼


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