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You’re not looking for a sign. You’re looking for courage.

If you have a feeling that you should be doing something or ending something or saying something but you are waiting for a sign. A sign that is something outside this feeling, a sign to confirm this feeling, well I have news for you babe. This is the sign that you are looking for. What you are actually looking for is the courage to do the thing. You are looking for someone or something to tell you that you are brave enough to listen to your own inner voice, intuition, your knowing; whatever you wish to call it.


Let that sink in for a moment and I will just explain a few things for you. When you are a child, fresh in the world and you do things and learn things by intuition. You don’t have any idea what you are doing and yet you learn and grow pretty intuitively. Your parents help you but you actually do a lot of it yourself. Well, we are taught to stop listening to that part of ourselves as we grow, we are taught to fit into the societal norms and to use our minds to make decisions instead of to feel into your own intuition.


Intuition is a muscle that, if you don’t use it, becomes weak, just like other muscles. The more you use it the stronger it is. The more you use it, the more you learn to trust it. The more you trust yourself, the less you are looking for signs to tell you what to do, because you already know. When you are looking for a sign to tell you if you intuition is right or if you should listen to your mind (over your gut) then what you are probably looking for is actually courage to do what you already know is the right choice for you. The funny thing about intuition is that it often doesn’t make sense and is completely personal, it is different for everyone. Using your mind to try and figure it out is kind of useless and this is where we often get off track, because we are taught to rationalize everything into making sense. We know that sense doesn’t equal happiness though.


So, where does the courage come from. Also, a muscle actually. Fear is in you to keep you safe and your intuition is in you to guide you and it is your job to exercise your intuition so that you can tell the difference. Fear and excitement often feel pretty similar and it is normal to fear the unknown but the only way to grow or to go somewhere you have never been is to do things that you have never done. It is natural to fear this but learning how to follow your excited fear vs your fear fears is something that we can all learn and it will take us to the places that we desire to be. To the life that we desire to live.


Stop looking for all of those signs to confirm what you already know and tap into your courage. Go live the life of your dream’s babe.

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