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Surrender, trust, believe.

How does the word surrender make you feel? What kinds of feelings does it evoke? Do you feel release, letting go, stress free? Or do you feel like you are giving up and not caring? It could be any of those feelings but either way could be negative or positive?

Does raising the white flag feel like you are failing? Or does it feel like a beautiful letting go and trusting?

Surrender is a bit of a taboo word for a lot of us.

Whether you are a boss babe running or building an empire, a stay-at-home mum working hard on raising well-adjusted and happy children that will turn into beautiful adults or literally anything in between. We are all just doing our best with the information that we have available to us.

Let’s be real surrender is not really a beautiful word for a lot of us and if it is now, we remember a time when it wasn’t. If it never was, I am a little jealous. You avoided a lot of hard work to get rid of the stigma that goes with it. To surrender feels like giving up and that is the piece that feels hard for a lot of people. Giving up feels like failure. But in reality, giving up is beautiful, letting go is freeing and surrender feels like a huge sign of relief.

To surrender, let go and give up something means that it isn’t yours to carry, it isn’t yours to think about and it isn’t your responsibility. You get to remove that stress from your life, wouldn’t that be amazing? Yes, of course it would be but this is where we get stuck. We feel like we need to hold on tight and control something, otherwise it will just fade away. Well, it won’t and if it does, then it isn’t yours. You can stop worrying soooo much about the how of everything and you can just be.

Think of the universe like a restaurant. You put in your order and then you forget about it, you are chatting with you friends or your date and enjoying your life. You decided on a meal and a drink and then you gave them to the waitress and forgot about it. You know why? Because you believe that it will come, you trust that the waitress will do her job and the chef will do his and it will show up at your table in a reasonable amount of time. How much time? Well, you don’t know exactly but a reasonable amount of time.

So why can’t you do this with your life? Why can’t you just dream, do and then lean back and receive? Why can’t you trust that the order that you have put into the universe is coming? Is it not coming fast enough? I mean do you know what a reasonable amount of time is for your dream life to show up? Probably not, you think that you do, but really that is none of your business. Your only job is to ask, believe and have fun in life. The universe takes care of the rest.

Now I don’t mean that you don’t DO anything but find a balance, if you don’t let yourself receive in all areas of your life, then you can’t expect to receive in the areas that you wish to. You are an energy force and all of your actions speak volumes, so have them speak the volumes that align with the life that you desire babe.

The how is none of your business, so stop worrying about it, stop limiting yourself by having to see and understand how and you will be surprised what comes into your life.

Trust me. I know. Surrender, trust, believe.

Big Love,

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