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Time to start jogging & drinking green shit!

Time to start jogging & drinking green shit!

Ohhh Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is over and we all ate a lot of food and spent time with loved ones (safely of course).

Are you feeling a bit sluggish? Are you wondering how you're going to do it all again at Christmas and still be fit enough to ski this winter or are you going to have the chance to fit into you bathing suit in the spring? Or are you wondering how you poor gut is doing?

Health is so important, inside and out and our holidays tend to have very indulgent traditions. We all tend to ride out the summer body that we have until Christmas and then go for health based new years resolutions. Is this really the best way to do it? I know that it’s cozy and we want to snuggle up and watch Netflix and eat leftovers but maybe your body wants a bit more care than that.

Keeping a consistent health routine that includes space to have indulgences and down time is the best way to maintain a healthy body and mind over the long term. Jumping on and off the health train isn’t great for your body or your mind. Let’s keep the momentum going from the summer and hit the gym a few times this week, eat a balanced diet of green shit and love yourself for it. Trust me you will be happy that you put in some effort instead of just waiting for the January gym rush.

If you need some great healthy recipes or some at home workout tips comment and I will hook you up! Or if you just want someone to motivate you, I can drop into you DM’s and get you moving too. ;)

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