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Create a Mindful Moment with Matcha

Matcha Latte in a heart shaped glass mug with rose petals and a gold spoon held by two hands

With life as busy as ever, it has become increasingly more important to create mindful moments within our days. Becoming more mindful does not need to be complicated or made into a lengthy endeavor. Mindfulness can grow within the small moments of our days when we choose to become a bit more present. Taking the time to stay fully present in “mundane” moments allows us to create more awareness in our days. 

Sometimes when we work on the simplest of tasks, our minds tend to wander to our to-do lists, upcoming events, or past circumstances. Catching ourselves in those thought patterns, and returning to the moment at hand, will train our minds to stay present more easily over time. This can be practiced while doing the dishes, walking our dogs, and even while making your morning matcha. 

Matcha as a Mindfulness Practice 

It is best to create simple mindfulness practices around a task that is completed on a regular basis. This is why becoming more mindful around your daily matcha has the potential to become impactful. You can complete this practice exactly as described or you can take bits and pieces that feel best for you. Mindfulness practices are about what works best for us as individuals so we are more likely to maintain the habit or ritual over time. 

  1. As we collect water into our tea kettle or pot to boil for our tea, begin the practice by noticing the sound of the water filling up the container. Then begin to notice the weight of the container becoming heavier as it begins to fill. Once the container is placed on the stove, take three deep breaths. Breathing in through the nose and sighing out of the mouth.
  2. As the water is boiling we can begin to prep the matcha. As you scoop the matcha into your cup, notice the vibrant green color of the tea. If you begin to notice the mind starting to wander, acknowledge it, and try to come back to the visual of the matcha.
  3. Take 3 more deep breaths
  4. Once the water is heated* and you begin to pour it over the tea, be aware of the scent of the matcha releasing. Listen to the sound of the pouring water. Notice the way the matcha looks as it dissolves into the liquid. Notice if you feel the heat of the steam releasing around you.
  5. As you mix the tea, listen to the sound of the whisking, visualize the swirls of the matcha and water blending and again take another deep breath. You can do this with whatever whisking mechanism you prefer, but we must say there is something extra ritualistic about using a bamboo matcha whisk.
  6. As you add in your favorite sweeteners and/or milks, again, notice any changes with the senses
  7. Now, for the sipping. Get comfortable. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths smelling the fresh matcha. Allow the eyes to open and take in the lovely green color. Notice the warmth of the cup in your hands. Take a sip and notice the taste and how the matcha feels in your mouth and as it moves down your throat.
  8. Take a moment of gratitude for your tea, take three more deep breaths, & enjoy!

Which parts of this ritual are you excited to add to your practice? Are there other steps you take when making your matcha that add to your experience? Let us know!

*Matcha should be made with just under boiling water, 176ºF is ideal. Using boiling water can result in burning your matcha and resulting in a bitter taste.

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