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Avoid Making These 4 Matcha Latte Mistakes

Wondering why your matcha tastes or looks different than when you get it from us or at your favorite coffee shop? Make sure you are avoiding these 4 mistakes that we see all the time and can dramatically impact the flavor of your matcha!

  1. Heat + Light: You want to keep matcha away from heat and direct sunlight. We encourage you to store your matcha powder in the fridge in the container that we send it to you in or a ceramic container that is airtight. If you store your matcha on the counter and take a while to drink it, you may see both the vibrant color and delicious taste fade.
  2. Burnt Matcha: Just like when storing it, too much heat is a real thing when it comes to matcha. When you are using hot water to make a matcha drink or recipe, aim to use water that is no more than 176ºF. For reference, boiling is 212ºF. When you don't have a way of measuring the temperature, just be sure to use water BEFORE it boils and swish it around in the mug a few times before mixing in your matcha powder. Note that if you are baking with matcha, it is likely going to reach temperatures above 176ºF and this is ok but the flavor and nutritional profile with change slightly. 
  3. Using Too Much Powder: You just need 1/2 teaspoon of matcha powder to make an 8-12 ounce drink. If you are using more, you may find the flavor changes dramatically and there may even be a green sludge in the bottom of your cup. Ick. No one wants that. Also, your matcha powder will last so much longer when you are using the right amount. 
  4. Completely Dissolve Your Matcha: Not everyone has a matcha whisk or an electric milk frother and that is totally fine!  Even when people do we still see this mistake. You want to make sure there are zero clumps and you do this by taking just a second longer to mix your matcha. We recommend starting all drinks with a matcha shot (dissolving 1/2 teaspoon matcha with 2 tbsp water) You can do this even in a jar with a lid or a blender. The only two things we see not work well are a traditional metal whisk or a fork. The point is, just give yourself a few extra seconds to make sure the water and matcha are completely incorporated before building your drink.

If you are still struggling to perfect your matcha, reach out and we will be more than happy to support you! Be sure the matcha you are drinking is premium quality from a company you trust. Unfortunately, all matcha powders are not created equally. 

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