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Dairy Free Instant Cocoa with Matcha Marshmallows


santa mug filled with hot cocoa and a hand adding a matcha marshmallow

Finding an instant hot cocoa with clean ingredients + dairy free can feel near impossible. So let's make it easier! This recipe is simple! It can be mixed ahead of time and made just as easily as instant packets. The trick is, powdered coconut milk and coconut sugar. 

Coconut milk helps:

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower bad cholesterol

  • Build muscle

  • Reduce fat

  • Prevent fatigue

  • Assist in balancing weight

  • Improve digestion

  • Relieve constipation and more!

If you haven't tried coconut sugar before, it takes nothing like coconut and leans more towards the taste of brown sugar. It has a lower glycemic index than most other sugars, meaning your body absorbs the sugar slowly. Unlike refined sugar, it retains nutrients found in the coconut palm and contains iron, zinc, calcium, potassium and antioxidants.



  • Sift all three ingredients together and whisk together.

  • Add approximately 2 tablespoons of hot cocoa mix to one cup of water.

  • Top with matcha marshmallows! (FULL RECIPE HERE)

  • Sip and enjoy!

BONUS: This instant hot cocoa makes a great gift when put in a cute jar with a bow! 

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