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Productiveness, routine and crushing goals through isolation…. How to actually do it!

Are you working from home or are you just always at home now. Are you struggling to be productive? Well here is something that helped me…my routine. What is it and how do you hold yourself accountable?

Start small. To do this, you'll need to think big. What do you want to get done everyday? Write it ALL down. All of your daily tasks and wants, all of your weekly, monthly and loftier goals. Looks a bit scary right, like how am I going to do all of this? I know that I have more time (or all the time) now but I haven’t gotten that much done so far during isolation. If you feel a bit defeated already, don’t worry this is normal.

Start with a wake up time and a bedtime. Stick to it. You can be generous if you like and make you sleep time longer if you like but when it is wake up time, get up and DON’T hit snooze. You owe it to yourself and your goals.

Next take all of your goals and start to break them down. I found that with daily goals that I had quite a few; daily meditation, workout 6 days a week, walks 6 days a week and yoga somehow (all while working from home). So I started with daily meditation of 10mins per day and joined a challenge that I posted in IG to keep me accountable. I have some workout buddies and we are holding each other accountable for this daily.

So I'm off to a great start.  I left it here for the first week and then the next week, that’s right, the next week, I added a daily walk. So I took my bigger list of goals and started smaller and then when I had established the activity into my routine, I added a little more instead of trying to do everything on the first day. This way I felt in control and could see that I was achieving my daily goals. I felt great!

Next for your bigger goals, do the same. Break them down with a good-sized buffer to make sure you actually achieve them in the time frame that you set. Think about what life is like, other things always come up and delay achievements. Make allowances for that.

Now set yourself some time restrictions. If you want to get into shape or finish a course, think about when you would realistically like to have that done or achieved.  Don't forget to add some buffer time and now work backwards and see if your timeframe is actually achievable. Remember that if you smash out a goal in less time then you are just crushing it!! You don’t want to feel like you aren’t achieving enough by falling behind in every area of your life, be realistic and be kind to yourself in the timeframes that you set. Remember that isolation is already tough on your mind. This isn’t to add stress; it’s to take it away.

Do you want a free printable checklist to achieve your goals?  Click here and start crushing isolation. 

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