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Jealousy.  Why we feel it and how to use it to get what you a good way!

Here is in interesting emotion; Jealousy.  It is an ugly emotion, not to be felt and not to be admitted to, it’s a bad one….but…we do feel it.  Why though?  And why is it so bad?  Well, we feel it because we want what someone else has but we are taught to just... not feel it.  Most of us just identify it as something else, pity is an easy go to.  You are jealous of that friend with a big house and great job but really you just pity her for working so much and not being happy with a simple life, she is vain and needs material things to be happy, poor girl.  No, not true, you are jealous and you are jealous because you want that too.  You just can’t admit that to yourself because then you have to admit that you have ugly emotions and you aren’t happy or grateful with what you have. Well maybe you aren’t and that is ok.  

Jealously is a wonderful indicator to what you really want for you life.  So think about what makes you jealous and follow that, maybe it will show you to something that you secretly want and haven’t been able to admit to yourself.  Jealously is an amazing gift!   Think about it, now you can start working towards something that you want in your life.  If used correctly jealousy isn’t ugly but a bit road sign to where you want to go and what you want to have in life.  You can be jealous of your friend’s success and then go work hard to get to the same level of success.  Think about all of the things in life that you might be able to apply this to. Happy jealously hunting!

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