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Be the energy you want to attract.

Ever heard someone say, you get back what you put out?


Well, that is just it.  The energy that you put into the world is the energy that you are attracting to yourself and your life.  What do you desire to be attracting towards yourself and into your life?


Think about this a bit and write it down, come back to it daily and give it some time and focus.  You have the ability to change your life with your own energy.


I drink Matcha every day and it gives me a sustainable calm energy that lasts all day.  This is how I vibe through the day.  I look at my goals and desires daily and anchor into them.  I watch them build and materialize because I give them energy and attention.


Another great set of words are, energy flows where attention goes.  What are you giving energy and what aren’t you giving energy?  Do an inventory of the things, people and thoughts in your life, that you are giving a lot of energy to.  What are the things that you would like to give more energy to, that you aren’t?


You may be surprised at what is getting too much or too little of your attention.  See if you can carve out 15mins a day to spend on the things that you desire to put more of your own positive energy into.  It might be that once you let go of the things that are getting too much of your energy without you realizing, that now there is space for the things that you desire to focus on.


The more ‘control’ we have over our conscious mind, the more peace we have and the more easily we can attract what we desire into our lives.  Mind your thoughts when you mind is idle.   I keep a gratitude journal and a receiving journal and write in them daily.  I also have a set of daily affirmations that I jot down and anchor into each morning.  This all really helps me see and feel how much good I have in my life already.


This is not to say to ignore or push away negative thoughts, see them, feel them and let them go.  Processing them is important to give them much less energy and control.  This then leaves space for our happier thoughts to take center stage in our minds.


Now, the last piece.  Know that you are worthy of the life that you desire.  100%.  You get to have whatever you like out of this life.  Show up with the energy of abundance, love and gratitude every day.


So, be the energy that you desire to attract into your life.

  1. Feel your feelings, process them and let them go. 
  2. Be mindful of your idle mind.  Make your primary thoughts positive ones.  You can keep a gratitude journal and a receiving journal to help with this.
  3. Know that you are worthy.


So, find 15mins a day for a morning ritual, get a mug of Matcha and put some energy into your dreams and desires. Be consistent and watch your life grow into exactly what you desire.


Big Love,



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