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Are you addicted to coffee? What happens when you stop drinking it?

Well, addicted is strong word, right!  I just need it to function everyday and can’t live without it. Oh sheesh!  Many people believe that we are all addicted to something, coffee, shopping, running, sugar, drugs, terrible men; the list is long.  On the scale of things to be addicted to coffee doesn’t seem that bad, I mean it’s not hard drugs for goodness sake.  Well no of course it isn’t but wouldn’t it be nice to just bounce out of bed every day and leap into life with a joyous smile on your face?? “OMG!” I hear you say, are you telling me that you have something that does that? Can I actually do that? No I don’t and probably not. 

Coffee is life for most of us but coming from someone who has successfully kicked her coffee ‘habit’. I can tell you with a little commitment you can definitely rely on it a whole lot less and still feel great, better even.  Obviously I drink matcha every day and before I found matcha I did it with just green leaf tea.  Don’t worry I hear ALL of your protests, you just have one job (I have 2), you make your own hours (actually I don’t, I get up at 6am most days and go to bed at 12am), you don’t have children (no but I have had 4 jobs in the past and lived on 4 hours of sleep a night).  Coffee is something that I love and I have abused in the past but in reality it was much easier than I thought it was going to be to cut back and/or quit….MUCHHHH easier! 

We all think that we need these things that we put into our lives to help us get though the days and maybe we do for a short time but I developed such a tolerance to caffeine that I was chucking back more than 10 espressos a day (my heart rate was a dance party).  I was working in a terrible job with long hours and terrible pay.  I worked 3 other jobs and lived on 4 hours of sleep and worked 60 to 80 hours a week!  I also had a life and friends and a gym membership that I used.  I was a machine! But every week my coffee intake went up and up as my body needed more and more to function, I did this for a couple years before I realized that the caffeine was doing very little for me except create harm in the quantities that I was drinking.  So I started to cut back.  I moved onto one double shot espresso in the morning to open my eyes and then only green tea (which soon moved into matcha) and one other double shot in the afternoon due to my crazy schedule.  I felt immeasurably better and had much more energy.  This seemed crazy but it as true.  Then I cut back more to just one shot twice a day and then I cut out the afternoon coffee and then only one espresso shot as a pre workout before the gym but of course I use matcha for that too.  I had discovered something amazing! I felt so good and so energized from a tea! WHAT!  I couldn’t be happier.  I started to research the other benefits of matcha and there were sooooo many.  I couldn’t believe it; this stuff was amazing!  I am happy to say that now coffee is now just a treat that I can enjoy but don’t need anymore. I drink a few each week but never for any other reason than I love the taste.  Matcha me baby!!

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