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The Nude Latte

Do you love lattes, going into you favourite café with your punch card in your hand, looking at the board of options but already knowing what you want.  You are waiting patiently, listening to the conversations swirling around you, the couple ahead of you chatting about their weekend plans, the girlfriends behind you talking about their boyfriends, the girls working behind the counter gossiping about their night out.  It is a place that you feel comfortable, at your  favourite cafe getting a latte.

This vegan Matcha latte is made with plant based milk (whatever your fave is), @matchanude Matcha, and a natural sweetener (I prefer maple syrup or honey). It takes only a few minutes to make and requires no whisk!



1/2 teaspoon Matcha (more if you like a grassier taste)

1 cup plant based milk

sweetener, optional, as needed



1. Warm up the nut milk to your desired temperature. Make sure it’s not any warmer than 175F/80C or else it will burn your Matcha. Just under boiling is perfect.

2. Combine the desired amount of Matcha and hot milk into a blender. If you’d like to add sweetener, do so now. Place the lid on the blender and carefully blend the drink until it’s smooth and frothy (about 20 seconds).

3. Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy.

*Alternatively you can combine your Matcha and sweetener in a mug. Heat your milk in an electric milk frother, pour over and stir to combine.

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