Clean Organic Matcha Grown Next to an Active Volcano! 🌋

🥥 Iced Coconut Matcha Refresher

Glass with coconut water in the bottom and matcha on top

This simple recipe contains just 2 ingredients ( 4 if you count the ice 🧊 + water)

Coconut water is naturally sweet, so you don't need any sweeteners, even if you have a sweet tooth! 

Not to mention, coconut water is extremely hydrating! It is packed with electrolytes without that crappy added ingredients of sports drinks. 

For a single serving, all you need is to make a matcha shot with 1/2 tsp matcha and 2 tbsp room temp water. Mix together with electric frother or whisk of choice. Then fill your glass with ice + coconut water leaving just enough room at the top to pour the matcha shot over. Mix and enjoy! 

Now the beauty of this recipe is you can also batch make it ahead of time. For the large 33.8 ounce carton, mix 2 tsp matcha with 1 cup of water, then add the entire carton of coconut water and viola! Just shake and pour as you go. 

Also, different coconut waters yield different tastes, so explore! Our top ✌️ favorites are Vita Coco Pressed and Harmless Harvest.

NOTE: Most coconut water usually only lasts 3-5 days after opening. 

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